MAP Policy

Arcon Minimum Advertised/Selling Price Policy

Minimum Advertised/Selling Price (MAP) – This minimum advertised/selling price (“MAP”) policy establishes pricing standards for both advertised and actual selling price for specific Arcon products, a wholly owned brand of Keystone Automotive Operations. The specific products which are part of this policy, and their corresponding minimum net advertised/selling price are available and maintained on Arcon’s MAP Product Price List:
Advertised Price = Selling Price – For purposes of Arcon’s MAP Policy, advertised price is treated the same as actual selling price (or “in cart” pricing). This means, for example, that a Reseller who advertises a specified Arcon product at a price which complies with Arcon’s MAP Policy yet sells the product (“in cart”) below that which is permitted by Arcon’s MAP Policy, that Reseller is in violation of Arcon’s MAP Policy.
MAP Benefits – Arcon’s MAP policy is designed to protect our Resellers and Distributors as well as maintain the value and integrity of the Arcon brand by maintaining competitive prices and better margins. The absence of a price policy drives the prices of Arcon products down to a point where margins are less than desirable. The implementation and enforcement of a MAP policy eliminates the need to excessively discount specific Arcon products. This, in turn, encourages a level playing field which creates value and results in more profitable margins for all.

MAP Violations – The following are violations of Arcon’s MAP Policy:
• Advertising a price for a specified Arcon product (next to or in conjunction with a picture, description, part number or otherwise) that is below Arcon’s established minimum advertised/selling price for that specified product. Such advertising includes, but is not limited to:
         o Print Advertising – newspapers, magazines, and print inserts.
         o Broadcast Advertising – radio and television.
         o Direct Advertising – catalogs, flyers, newsletters, direct mail pieces, and broadcast faxes, whether mailed, hand delivered, or shipped in-box with product.
         o Electronic Mail (e-mail) Advertising – any e-mail or web pages that link from the e-mail.
         o Internet Advertising – banner, pop-up, and pop-under ads.
         o Web Sites Accessible to the Public – Traditional retailers, e-commerce, club membership sites, forums, social networks, and portals.
         o Auction Sites – eBay (we will delist the listing by any means necessary if we find a violation).
         o Marketplace, Comparison, and Aggregate Sites – Amazon/Walmart/Google Shopping, etc. (searches and feeds must always comply with Arcon’s MAP policy).
• “Add to Cart”, “Click to See Price”, “Call/E-mail for Price” or any other comparable command that shows or arrives at a price lower than the established minimum advertised/selling price. This specifically includes “in cart” pricing.
• Use of a company-wide coupon, discount or rebate that lowers the price of specified Arcon products below the established minimum advertised/selling price.
• Claiming to have “low prices”, “the lowest prices”, or having any form of low-price guarantee on specified Arcon products.
• Offering to match the lowest advertised price on specified Arcon products.
• Applying a black-out, strike-through or any alteration to the minimum advertised/selling price.
• Bundling specified Arcon products unless the total selling price of the bundled products is equal to or greater than the individual MAP price for each such Arcon product added together.
• Note: free or reduced-priced shipping is not considered a violation of the MAP policy.

MAP Violation Consequences – If Arcon finds that any Reseller has violated the Policy, then Arcon may within its sole discretion and without assuming any liability, cancel pending orders and may indefinitely refuse to accept new orders for products.
This Policy does not restrict the Reseller’s right to establish independent advertised and/or resale prices of Arcon products. Arcon reserves the right to determine whether a Reseller has advertised its products at a net advertised price less than the minimum advertised price established in this Policy. Upon such determination Arcon may, without assuming any liability, cancel all orders and may indefinitely refuse to accept new orders from the Reseller.
Arcon reserves the right to withdraw or change this Policy at any time and without notice. This Policy has been unilaterally adopted by Arcon and Arcon neither solicits nor will it accept assurances by a Reseller of compliance with this Policy. Nothing in this Policy shall constitute an agreement between Arcon and any Reseller of compliance with this Policy. The Reseller within its own discretion can choose to comply or not comply with this Policy. Arcon will not discuss conditions of acceptance related to this Policy. This Policy is non-negotiable and will not be altered, modified, or amended for any Reseller.

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